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Counting down to the delivery date for my sketchy little project.

Amazing how you could start out on something thinking that you’ve got all the time in the world, only to realise in a blink of the eye, that time’s up.

So I decided it was time to hurry down to the public library near my workplace to do some last minute research on orchids. I definitely can’t sketch a decent petal without having a photograph to refer to.

Haven’t visited a library in a long time. Hovered around the children’s section for a few seconds before I realised that books for adults were located on the second floor. Felt like a tourist in Biblioland. Wonder what my band mate, Ivan, would say about that.

I walked up the stairs to the adult section. The first shelves I came across held rows of books on law, crime and military history. Got distracted by a book on maverick military leaders for a couple of minutes before I recalled what I was there for and headed towards the gardening literature.

To my delight, there was a shelf of books on orchid cultivation waiting for me. There was even one on the Asian varieties by a local gynaecologist who had cultivated several award-winning hybrids. Excellent. Now I can cultivate my orchids on my sketch paper.

Frankly, I can’t tell from my parents’ photograph the type of orchid my dad had in the corsage on his suit jacket. Neither can I see what my mum had in her bridal hand bouquet. I’m no orchid expert and can’t tell a specie from its outline. There’s only so much I can gather from a black and white photo that well, definitely predates my existence.

I guess I could try to imagine what colours they would have liked to mark their big day with decades ago. Perhaps a dash of whimsical pink here and some romantic lilac there? Let’s see what clues these books might offer.



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Spent my Sunday afternoon toying with my two old boxes of colour pencils.

The wood has become dry and brittle to the touch. And the pencil leads kept breaking in defiance whenever I tried to sharpen them.

I haven’t taken any proper lesson in colour pencil drawing before, so I am rather clueless about the palette to use for the portrait and how best to apply the strokes. Since the original photo is monochrome to begin with, I guess much will be left to my imagination.

So this was what I ended up with after an afternoon of experimentation. A sketch of my father’s youthful face with colour codes jotted on the sides, so that I would remember the colours to apply when I finally pluck up the courage to transfer them onto the actual portrait.

Striving for the best colour mix to create a healthy tanned look – he used to spend much time outdoors in his youth. But my test colours looked either too light or too sallow.

I’d better do more research on colour sketching methods before I work on the actual portrait.


Colour testing.

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Finally got around to buying a block of A3 drawing paper after realising that the ones I have at home are too small for the frame that I bought.

Yes, I know my priorities. They’re just different from other people’s sometimes.

The wooden IKEA frame I bought probably didn’t require much sculpting. But looking at it sitting pretty and purposeless on my floor, I can’t help but think that it deserves more than a plastic shrink wrap for company. It’s time I get back to the portait I was working on.

Still doing the grids and outlines. The smaller sketch I did earlier comes in handy somewhat since this is my first attempt at a sketch this ‘big’.

The real challenge will come when it’s time to add the colours. Let’s deal with that later.


Starting my sketch on a bigger canvas now.

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I happily embarked on my sketchy little project by drawing grids and outlines, like any beginner would.


Before long, I realised that with this paper size (27cm x 19 cm), I would probably either end up having to use impossibly fine lines to sketch the facial details or make do with vague outlines…


So I think I’d better switch to a larger “canvas”.

Looks like it’s going to get more and more challenging for me to complete this portrait in time.


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Dad and Mum will be celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary later this year.

Don’t know what to get them.

Perhaps I could sketch them a colour version of their yellowed black and white wedding photo.

Now, why am I always putting myself through such challenges?

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Hand in hand



Thy hand in mine, my heart in thine,

Together we shall journey till our locks grow white.

~ Odes of Bei, The Book of Songs (circa 1000 BC)

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A moment to remember.

A moment to remember.

There is an occasion known as ‘anniversary’. On the calendar, it looks so simple, like a day that will arrive somehow with the passing of time.

But of course, nothing in this world that’s worth celebrating ever comes easy. Especially anniversaries.

So it is always heartening, to be able to take in the moment together, and remember once again, what brought us together in the first place.

… Hmmm. Good food?

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