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Last Sunday was, well, very sunny indeed.

Peh saw me trying to shield my eyes from the sun’s glare with my hand as we stood side by side at the road junction, waiting for the lights to turn green.

Before I knew it, he was standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes and smiling. And I had all the shade I needed.

Oh, the sweet little things that he does.


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Inspired by my band mate, Ivan Chew’s incredible attempt at making one digital sketch a day in 2013, I started my year by making one of my first digital sketches on a phone app.

My original plan was to paint the colour(s) that best summed up my mood each day of the year. Blue = calm and contented. Red = irate and cantankerous. White = pure joy. Black = awful, quite obviously.

Seemed like I had an idea of the colour to assign to each type of mood. And so on a day full of ups and downs, I could mix hues and shades. That would be visually spectacular, I thought, though it would also mean spending my day on an emotional roller coaster.

Three days later, I aborted the plan. This was what I ended up with.


I wasn’t getting lazy. Keeping up with the plan wasn’t the issue.

What I discovered was that at the end of each day, I was focusing on things than turned my day into a colour other than blue and white as I tried to decide on the palette. Which meant that I was trying to recall the negative parts of my day to complete the sketch – the not-so-nice people, things that went awry, moments that made me go argh and so on.

That was an unpleasant way to end the day.

So I pulled the plug on Day Four.

Nay, I’m not an escapist. I don’t believe in escapism. But I’m pretty sure negativity breeds negativity.

Because every thought or feeling we have is like a seed that can either take root in our hearts and minds, or wither away if starved of the elements to keep it alive. Its fate depends very much on what we feed it.

Problem with bad stuff is that they don’t defy Newton’s Law – they pull us down all the time. So I figured, the only way to face any negativity I face each day is to focus on the other parts – the positive events and feelings, even if I only get to experience them for a fleeting moment.

I’d rather feed my mind and soul with the healthiest thoughts and feelings from the most wonderful, uplifting moments – enjoying some aromatic coffee with in the good company of my co-workers, being greeted with a friendly smile from a neighbour, or feeling warm and touched by the gestures of support from my loved ones.

It’s okay that my plan didn’t quite work out. This might very well be the most positive thing to have happened this year.

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Realised I haven’t been documenting my progress in my hobby of sketching since I picked it up again over a year ago.

So on New Year’s Day, I shall revive this idle blog with this work-in-progress item.

Working on a portrait of a long-time friend, at his request. Can’t call this my first ‘commission’ but definitely feel encouraged to know that someone is brave enough to submit his image to an unknown fate under my graphites.

Don’t think I’ll ever be good enough to be an artist but I’m happy to content myself with the occasional dabble and doodle. And hopefully bring some joy to someone, somewhere. 🙂


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