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The rain has finally returned to some parts of our little island today, after an unusually long dry spell that started in mid-January this year.

Felt particularly sorry for the grasses and shrubs that are exposed in our tropical sun. The once-verdant field near our home now reminds me of a parched savannah, sans tall grasses and wild cats. In some places, the blades of grass are now so sun-bleached and lifeless that they look almost unreal.

Can’t do much for the flora but decided that I could at least try to conserve more water. Like leaving a plastic basin in the sink to collect the used water when I rinse my utensils or wash my hands, then transferring the water into a pail for other uses.


Never gave the simple act of turning on the faucet much thought before. But this plastic basin has helped me realise how much clean running water goes down the drain each time I turn on the tap. Modern life can be quite wasteful, really.

Takes a drought to remind us of the fragility of life. And to be thankful for what we have, and waste not.


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