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Last Sunday was, well, very sunny indeed.

Peh saw me trying to shield my eyes from the sun’s glare with my hand as we stood side by side at the road junction, waiting for the lights to turn green.

Before I knew it, he was standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes and smiling. And I had all the shade I needed.

Oh, the sweet little things that he does.


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Spotted this young lady at the neighbourhood lottery shop some days ago.

Clad in a tight t-shirt and a pair of hot pants, she stood out in the crowd of middle-aged “uncles” and “aunties” who were queuing for their turn to place their bets for the Lunar New Year big prize.

February 14th happened to be the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, which marks the end of the festive celebrations. And it coincided with Valentine’s Day.

And for those dreaming of a windfall, the much-awaited Hong Bao Draw results were finally out this night. Someone out there probably had three causes for a celebration.

Could it be this lady?

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This sketch has a story behind it.

We were walking past the neighborhood playground last Saturday evening, when we heard the voices of two little girls ringing out loud.

The younger one, aged about three, was sitting at the top of the slide. Her father was keeping an eye on her close by. The older one, who’s about five years old, was standing at the bottom. Imagine the following exchange going on at the top of their bell-like voices.

Younger girl: What’s your name?
Older girl: Vanessa.
Younger girl: (Turned to her father excitedly.) She’s Anissa!
Father: Anissa?
Younger girl: (Turned to face the older girl.) What’s your name?!
Older girl: Vanessa!!
Younger girl: Papa, she’s Ganesha!!
Father: (Stunned.) Ganesha??
Younger girl: (Turning to the older girl again.) What’s your name?!!!
Older girl: VANESSA!!!

At which point, little Vanessa decided that she had had enough of the “what’s your name” game that was getting nowhere. So she darted round the slide toward the rocking horse at the other side of the playground.

Then to our amusement, she hopped onto the rocking horse and started rocking to and fro so forcefully that her thick, long hair started flying in all directions and sweeping across her tiny face.

Looked like little Vanessa has the makings of an angsty headbanging rocker chick. At the tender age of five.


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Realised I haven’t been documenting my progress in my hobby of sketching since I picked it up again over a year ago.

So on New Year’s Day, I shall revive this idle blog with this work-in-progress item.

Working on a portrait of a long-time friend, at his request. Can’t call this my first ‘commission’ but definitely feel encouraged to know that someone is brave enough to submit his image to an unknown fate under my graphites.

Don’t think I’ll ever be good enough to be an artist but I’m happy to content myself with the occasional dabble and doodle. And hopefully bring some joy to someone, somewhere. 🙂


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I’m rather thankful for the revival of those big round retro glasses.

Got myself a pair a week ago and I’m absolutely loving the clarity of vision I’m enjoying now. With smaller lenses, my vision would have blurred whenever I rolled my eyes (not that I do that often) or looked out of the corners of my eyes (I don’t snoop around much either). Didn’t notice the difference until I put on this new pair of goggles.

In the meantime, I think I am looking very much like an owl, like the one perched on my shoulder here, though not half as adorable as one. Way past the age to be associated with that sort of attribute anyway.

In case you are wondering, this little bird is a Scops Owl. And she’s a distant relative of the cute one spotted on this lovely blog, at least on paper.

Don’t ask me how it ended up on my shoulder though.

Wait a second. This hair’s getting a little unruly.

Time to get a trim.

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Woke up one morning to the busy lyrical exchange going on outside my window.

Some birdies had convened on the treetops close by, perhaps having a break after their breakfast of grubs.

One was singing a low steady note. Then another would respond with a quicker tune, at a higher pitch.

In the distance, a tinier voice joined in like it was in a hurry to make its point heard.

They went on and on for what seemed like a long time as I laid in bed, listening and smiling at their very entertaining conversation.

So here are the minutes of that early morning meeting attended by those avian friends outside my window.

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Dad and Mum will be celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary later this year.

Don’t know what to get them.

Perhaps I could sketch them a colour version of their yellowed black and white wedding photo.

Now, why am I always putting myself through such challenges?

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