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And it was done.

After nights of sketching, backed by some last minute research, I have completed the colour pencil portrait of my parents and framed it up in time for their ruby wedding anniversary.

Mum joked that I should have sketched a more current, and wrinkled version of them, in place of the smooth, youthful faces in their original wedding photograph.

Dad, who happens to be a non-practising alumnus of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, was tempted to launch his critique of the sketch the moment I unveiled it in front of them.

He smiled and took a long look at the sketch. Then he said, “You could’ve used a darker hue to shade the face. And my neck is not that long.” Mum pointed out that he was much thinner 40 years ago so his neck did appear longer in the photograph.

“Look, your hair is finally visible too,” Mum added. She noticed that I had replaced the background colour. Dad’s neat crop of Brylcreemed hair, previously swallowed by the darkness in the poorly lit studio, could now be admired in its full glory. At least that was what I was hoping for.

And so, other than the disagreement over the exact length of Dad’s neck, both seemed rather pleased with the final product.

I guess that means I have passed the biggest test of the year.

Let me share the results in the final hours of 2012.

The completed colour pencil sketch, based on my parents’ black and white wedding photograph. My way of adding colours to their 40-year marriage.

A closer look at the final product.

A closer look at the final product.


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