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Counting down to the delivery date for my sketchy little project.

Amazing how you could start out on something thinking that you’ve got all the time in the world, only to realise in a blink of the eye, that time’s up.

So I decided it was time to hurry down to the public library near my workplace to do some last minute research on orchids. I definitely can’t sketch a decent petal without having a photograph to refer to.

Haven’t visited a library in a long time. Hovered around the children’s section for a few seconds before I realised that books for adults were located on the second floor. Felt like a tourist in Biblioland. Wonder what my band mate, Ivan, would say about that.

I walked up the stairs to the adult section. The first shelves I came across held rows of books on law, crime and military history. Got distracted by a book on maverick military leaders for a couple of minutes before I recalled what I was there for and headed towards the gardening literature.

To my delight, there was a shelf of books on orchid cultivation waiting for me. There was even one on the Asian varieties by a local gynaecologist who had cultivated several award-winning hybrids. Excellent. Now I can cultivate my orchids on my sketch paper.

Frankly, I can’t tell from my parents’ photograph the type of orchid my dad had in the corsage on his suit jacket. Neither can I see what my mum had in her bridal hand bouquet. I’m no orchid expert and can’t tell a specie from its outline. There’s only so much I can gather from a black and white photo that well, definitely predates my existence.

I guess I could try to imagine what colours they would have liked to mark their big day with decades ago. Perhaps a dash of whimsical pink here and some romantic lilac there? Let’s see what clues these books might offer.



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